Looking forward to having more plants in 2021 or better yet, more plant therapy. Of course!  Looking forward to spending a ridiculous amount of money on said plants?  Of course not!  Why not grow your own collection … literally!  The Plant Propagation Subscription is absolutely perfect for expanding your plant family while learning propagation techniques. This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to take care for plants from their early stages of development while also allowing them to adapt to your home environment.  And these aren’t simply your everyday plants that you easily find at your local plant shop. Each monthly collection is specifically curated with a goal of locating rare and sought after varieties which are also healthy and not too difficult to propagate.  My goal is to help others grow their own specialty plant collections without all the leg work and high shipping fees associated with piece-meal plant shopping. Makes a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one.  Or simply invite a fellow plant lover over to propagate with you!

Each monthly box will include:

  • Carefully curated plant cuttings with a focus on sought after varieties that are not typically found in local markets
  • Booklet with step-by-step instructions for that month’s propagation technique along with detailed information about each plant specimen
  • Access to video demonstrating that month’s propagation technique with the plant specimen included with the subscription.
  • Invitation to Isha Plants online community for sharing successes and asking questions
  • Bonus for local subscribers:  Complimentary live demonstration with question and answer session.

All subscribers will receive a Welcome Kit in early December.  The kit includes: Root, Nurture, Grow by Caro Langton and Rose Ray, a supply of rooting hormone, scissors, a spray bottle, and a welcome guide.  Subscriptions start in January 2020 with subscription boxes shipping the first week of each month.  There are a limited number of subscriptions available to ensure that all subscribers receive exceptional service.  My primary goal is for subscribers to be filled with utter joy from the moment subscription boxes arrive and carried through to all the wondrous stages of growth of the new plant babies!

***12-Month subscription payment includes monthly, semi-annual, and annual options.  There is also a discount option for local pick-ups. 

January Subscription Box

Tropical Stem Cuttings (Monstera Collection)

February Subscription Box

Succulent Stem Cuttings (Epiphyllum Collection)

March Subscription Box

Leaf Petiole Cuttings (Peperomia/Pilea Collection)

April Subscription Box

Leaf Vein Cuttings (Begonia Collection)

May Subscription Box

Succulent Leaf Cuttings (Succulent Collection)

June Subscription Box

Leaf Blade Cuttings (Sanseveria Collection)

July Subscription Box

Divisions Method (Syngonium Collection)

August Subscription Box

Grafting Method (Cactus Collection)

September Subscription Box

Runners Method (Spider Plant Collection)

October Subscription Box

Offsets Method (Bromeliad/Palm Collection)

November Subscription Box

Air Layering Method (Ficus Collection)

December Subscription Box

Ground Layering Method (Philodendron/Pothos Collection)