Looking forward to having more plants in 2022 or better yet, more plant therapy? Of course!  Looking forward to spending a ridiculous amount of money on said plants?  Of course not!  Why not grow your own collection … literally!  The Plant Propagation Subscription is absolutely perfect for expanding your plant family while learning propagation techniques. This is an amazing opportunity to learn how to take care for plants from their early stages of development while also allowing them to adapt to your home environment.  And these aren’t simply your everyday plants that you easily find at your local plant shop. Each monthly collection is specifically curated with a goal of locating not-so-common and sought after varieties which are also healthy and not too difficult to propagate.  My goal is to help others grow their own specialty plant collections without all the leg work and high shipping fees associated with piece-meal plant shopping. Makes a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one.  Or simply invite a fellow plant lover over to propagate with you!

Did you pick up an unexpected plant hobby over the last few months?  Are you struggling a bit with keeping your new plant family happy?  You are not alone!  Join me as I walk plant enthusiasts through the ins-and-outs of house plant selection, placement, and care.  Each month, subscribers will receive a shipped plant box, digital plant guide, video tutorial, and access to a live Q&A session.  Welcome Kit includes the Perfectly Potted Plant Care Kit and New Plant Parent book by Darryl Cheng.  We need community more than ever right now and adding a bit of plant therapy into the mix is icing on the cake!

*** There is a pet-friendly plant option for each month.  The welcome email will have more details for opting in.

Know a thing or two about house plants and ready to step up your interior rewilding adventures?  Enjoying your common plants but ready to delve into more exotic or hard-to-find specimen?  You have now achieved the Bougie Botanist status!  With the new plant wave sweeping across the nation, it has become increasingly difficult for plant enthusiasts to acquire specialty plants.  It literally takes weeks to months of searching and a large monetary investment for individual plant shoppers.  Joining the Bougie Botanist Subscription is the perfect opportunity to grow your plant collection without the struggle.  Subscribers have a personal shopper to pull resources together and acquire next-level plants (starts and full plants).  We will also delve into techniques for displaying plants and maximizing space.

Do you have a young plant lover in your family?  Are they curious about all things plants and ready to explore?  The Budding Botanist Subscription is here to the rescue.  This monthly plant subscription walks through botany basics with a new plant kit every month.  Selected plants will be easy to care for and touch on a botanical process or provide an opportunity to get a bit creative with plant displays.    Each month, subscribers will receive a shipped plant box, digital plant guide, video tutorial, and access to a live Q&A session.  Welcome Kit includes the Budding Botanist Plant Care Kit and House Plant Journal.  This is the perfect plant adventure to bring a bit of life to virtual learning and to bring youth closer to the natural world.