Surviving Winter 6-Week Plant Care Session


So how does one keep their plants happy all winter?  One of the most asked questions by plant newbies and enthusiasts.  Plants are not one-size-fits-all and neither are our indoor conditions.  This series walks you through plant basics related to diverse plant habitats, indoor limitations, and creating idea conditions for each participant’s indoor situation.  This series also covers plant care basics – because there is no way your plants will survive winter if we do not have the basics down.  So, grab a warm drink and get cozy in preparation for this insightful plant survival guide.

6-Week mini session includes a weekly email, a weekly tutorial video, and a live weekly question and answer session.  At the end of the session, participants will receive a lovely, full color ‘Surviving Winter’ PDF booklet.

Week 1     Plant Habitats:  Getting to Know Your Plants

Week 2    Plant Placing:  Location and Styling Inspiration

Week 3    The Elements:  Soil, Air, Temps, and Moisture

Week 4    Happy Plants:  Pests and Pathogens Prevention

Week 5    Feed Me Seymour:  Plant Fertilization Basics

Week 6    More Plants Please:  Propagation Basics

*** Complimentary Plant Kit Includes:  Raven Zz Plant, White Oil (organic pest prevention), Plant Food (organic plant fertilizer), and a Surviving Winter Booklet (ships to continental U.S. only)

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6-Week Session (November 8th – December 19th)

Live Session Sundays at 2pm.  The recorded session will be available for reference and those who missed live session.

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