Plant Propagation 8-Week Series w/ Cuttings Boxes


Whether your goal is to have more plants, share plants, or salvage something from a sad plant, this is the class series for you.  This class series is designed to share several plant propagation techniques so participants can have success in propagating most any plant.  Not only does propagation give you more plants but starting with plant babies allows you to get to know your plant and for the plant to adapt to your home conditions.  Plant happiness all around!

This class series is available through a (new-to-me) course platform.  This allows continued access to video tutorials, resources, discussion boards, and live zoom links all in one space.  This series includes a weekly tutorial video with resources and a live weekly question and answer session.  Additional resource links and PDFs will be at your disposal for propagating success!

Week 1     Understanding Plant Propagation

Week 2    Tropical Root Cuttings Method

Week 3    Propagation Station:  Supplies and Set Up

Week 4    Specialty Propagation Techniques Part 1

Week 5    Water, Soil, Leca, Oh My!  – Propagating Medium

Week 6    Propagating Fun with Succulents

Week 7  After Care and Troubleshooting

Week 8  Specialty Propagation Techniques Part 2

*** Plant Box #1 Includes:  A specialty selection of tropical stem cuttings, plant nutrients, rooting hormone, and a propagation booklet.  Plant Box #2 A specialty selection of succulent cuttings (and surprise cuttings), rooting medium, plant fertilizer, and a propagation booklet.  Ships to continental U.S. only.

*** Please note:  Plant boxes vary based on plant availability and seasonality.  I always select the healthiest and most viable for each class and always seek out personal favorites.

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PART I: 4-Week Session (March 15th – April 5th)- Cuttings Box #1 Ships 3/16

PART II: 4-Week Session (April 19th – May 10th) – Cuttings Box #2 Ships 4/20

Live Q&A Session Mondays at 7pm EST.