Plant Propagation 6-Week Mini-Session


Whether your goal is to have more plants, share plants, or salvage something from a sad plant, this is the class series for you.  This mini session is designed to share several plant propagation techniques so participants can have success in propagating most any plant.  Not only does propagation give you more plants but starting with plant babies allows you to get to know your plant and for the plant to adapt to your home conditions.  Plant happiness all around!

6-Week mini session (December 20th – January 30th) includes a weekly email, a weekly tutorial video, and a live weekly question and answer session.  At the end of the session, participants will receive a lovely, full color ‘Plant Propagation’ PDF booklet.

Week 1     Understanding Plant Propagation

Week 2    Propagation Station:  Supplies and Set Up

Week 3    Water, Soil, Leca, Oh My!  – Propagating Medium

Week 4    Tropical Root Cutting Methods

Week 5    Propagating Fun with Air Plants and Succulents

Week 6    After Care and Troubleshooting

*** Complimentary Plant Kit Includes:  Philodendron/Pothos/Scindapsus cuttings collection, plant nutrients, rooting hormone, and a Plant Propagation Booklet (ships to continental U.S. only)

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6-Week Session (December 20th – January 30th)

Live Session Sundays at 2pm.  The recorded session will be available for reference and those who missed live session.