Plant Newbies 6-Week Series


This class series begins on February 22nd and ends on March 29th.  The live virtual Q & A sessions will be held on Mondays at 7pm EST.  The perfect way to start the week!

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The Plant Newbies 6-Week Series is perfect for beginning house plant enthusiasts.  We’ll cover everything from selection and placement to maintaining and propagating.  This class series is especially suited for those seeking basic house plant skills to keep plants happy and thriving.  Best part, you’ll be planting right alongside me (virtually) and see things first-hand.  This class series also makes a wonderful gift!

Class includes a basic plant care kit with a few of my favorite house plant supplies.  A weekly email, video tutorials, resources, weekly live Q&A via Zoom, and a house plant care booklet.  I love shipping bonuses so don’t be surprised if you see a cute little plant included!