2022 Bougie Botanists Subscription


Bougie Botanist Subscription

Know a thing or two about house plants and ready to step up your interior rewilding adventures?  Enjoying your common plants but ready to delve into more exotic or hard-to-find specimen?  You have now achieved the Bougie Botanist status!  With the new plant wave sweeping across the nation, it has become increasingly difficult for plant enthusiasts to acquire specialty plants.  It literally takes weeks to months of searching and a large monetary investment for individual plant shoppers.  Joining the Bougie Botanist Subscription is the perfect opportunity to grow your plant collection without the struggle.  Subscribers have a personal shopper to pull resources together and acquire next-level plants (starts and full plants).  We will also delve into techniques for displaying plants and maximizing space.


Sneak Peek at Anticipated Options

All About the Aroids (Specialty Plants)

Dark and Delightful (Jewel Orchid, Cissus Discolor)

Mounted Plants (Air Plants, Hoya, Staghorn Fern)

Sensational Succulents (Specialty Succulent Terrariums)

Trailing Beauties (Specialty Plants)

Whimsical Water Gardens

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Registration is now open for the new 2022 Bougie Botanists Subscription.  Semi-annual subscriptions are for 6 months (March – August 2022).  You’ll receive a welcome email within one-week of registering with subscription details and shipping schedule.  Looking forward to an exciting Interior Rewilding adventure!

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