Welcome to Isha Plants!

Get ready for a botanical connection that runs a bit deeper than a mere plant addiction. While we can collect and care for as many plants as our hearts desire I’d like to delve a bit closer to the true therapeutic nature of plants. The true journey of healing that comes from appreciating the wonders of creation and our natural instinct in nurturing and caring for the world around us.

By rediscovering and redefining our love of plants as more than a wild trend, we are able to truly tap into a deeper connection. A connection that we have always been a part of but somehow lost touch with. We were created for a purpose and were assigned the responsibility of tending the garden and being good stewards of the life around us. The plants, the animals, and the people.

This is the journey that I am so exited about and that I hope to share with you. So, if you’re ready to join me then go ahead and roll up your sleeves and get ready to delve in. The work ahead can sometimes get a bit dirty and will most definitely be unpredictable. But I assure you it will be a wild and wondrous adventure that will truly make your life a bit brighter!